HB Antwerp launches experimental diamond brand born of the metaverse: Signum

Entrepreneurial diamond start-up, HB Antwerp, has recently announced its new experiential diamond brand, Signum, which represents the first luxury brand created by nature and born in the Metaverse!

Signum is aimed at a new generation of luxury consumers who value self-expression, transparency, and sustainability. Signum leverages its unique business model and blockchain technology to link physical and digital diamond ownership, merging them into a single community.

Signum intends to empower its leaders and community to:

Be the co-creators and designers of physical polished diamonds expertly carved from natural rough diamonds;

Invest in products that will keep their value via non fungible tokens (NFTs); and

Have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people in Africa through Signum's economic and social investments in each diamond's country of origin.


To celebrate the creation of the brand and its dual digital/physical origin, Signum collaborated with NFT community Next Decade to develop an inaugural product drop of diamond-inspired NFTs.

BunsLandxSignum is a collection of 12 "metarough" diamond NFTs. Each represents a specific rough diamond and reflects the stone's unique composition and future potential for transformation into multiple "metapolished" diamonds. Purchasers will gain access to future NFT drops and join the exclusive BunsLand community. The NFTs are available for purchase via https://store.buns.land/.

"With Signum, we created a new diamond brand for consumers of the future, marrying a product steeped in tradition with a non-traditional approach. We view diamonds as art, created in nature, shaped by creativity and innovation," said Shai de Toledo, Co-founder, HB Antwerp. "Through the first-edition BunsLandxSignum NFTs, we are offering open-access investment opportunities in rough diamonds as we enter a new era in luxury goods."

"People are going to consume more and more digital products in the coming days, and Signum is one of the pioneer luxury brands innovating in this space, the Metaverse," said Alexandre Frih, Founder, Next Decade. "With BunsLand, we are proud to enable Signum to enter successfully into this digital era."


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