Get Online or Get Left Behind

Consumer demand for diamonds, gemstones and jewelry is rapidly shifting online. By 2025 it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of all diamond and jewelry sales will be online. That represents billions of dollars moving from a traditional retail establishment to an online precense. As retailers, wholesalers, brokers and dealers face this inevitable change, they are often asking themselves: So now what? 

It is hard to transition. You only have a few options and they are all expensive. Fees, surcharges, high monthly subsctipisons, listing fees, limits on what your business can or cannot do. Fees. Fees. Fees and more fees. The indutry has been strangled for decades, and we have had enough. Businesses should not have to suffer at the hands of greed and predatory practices. We want to change that at CaratX. If this hits home for you, it is time for a change and we would love to hear your story.