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Buy and Sell on CaratX

CaratX makes it easy for the diamond, gemstone, jewelry & pearl industry to buy and sell online. Create an account on CaratX and start selling today!


Branding and Digital Marketing

As part of our core mission, we help businesses new to selling online establish their digital presence faster.


Business Technology Analysis

Our technology analysis is a strategy that deep-dives into your business operations. Gaining insight into your business' technology requirements.

Unlimited Benefits

We are built on a trusted, easy-to-use; exclusively connected platform with a vetted partner network. CaratX’s Exclusive Diamond & Gemstone Hub allows for the most simple, unrivaled shopping experience for all occasions. Ever. Whether you’re shopping as our Respected Guest, or you have decided to become one of our Private Clients looking for something a little more exclusive & personalized- you will find a shopping experience geared to your tastes, and like no other.


Shopping On Caratx

Shopping in our market place provides you with:

  • Massive selection
  • Exclusivity
  • Connectivity
  • Trusted, fully-vetted network
  • A Simplified Shopping Experience
  • Just…Better