3 Things to Know Before You Get Your Love Something Shiny

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3 Things to Know Before You Get Your Love Something Shiny


The season for buying your loved one a gift is just around the corner, isn’t it? Well, even if it isn’t do you need to wait for an occasion to put a smile on their pretty gleaming face? What better to get your loved one than a jaw-dropping jewelry piece that would cast all eyes upon them.

But we get it, you may likely be worried about the age-old dilemma, ‘What do I get?’ and ‘How do I get it?’ or maybe, ‘Where do I look?’.

Breathe my friend, we've got you. Here’s some wisdom on how to get started.

Let’s begin with an easy thought:

What would you first do if you wanted to get a nice t-shirt for yourself? Or a nice pair of shoes?

Simple, you might check the wardrobe for shirts and shoes you already have right? Check the closet for shoes. Why? So that you don’t buy duplicates, for starters. Secondly, to get an idea of what you need to add so that it compliments your current collection. What colors do I have? What colors do I want? What styles?

Similarly, to find that perfect jewelry piece, the first thing you need to do is:

Scour Their Jewelry Box

Perhaps this sounds like invading their privacy, but you’re not. Look at what your loved one already has and take notice of key details. Such as: 

●     What kind of jewelry do they have? (is it necklaces, earrings, or is it something else?)

●     Do they like a specific color? (is the box filled with colored diamonds or gems?)

●     What’s the go-to metal? (Is your beloved a silver fan or do they relish something more yellow gold or platinum?)

●     What’s their style? (Would they go for something elegant & subtle, or do they like to go all out with long earrings and shimmery pendants?)

You see, we’re arming you with knowledge. Onwards! The second piece to your search for the perfect jewelry item for your loved ones lends itself to a simple idea, and one of the most important.

Pay Attention to Them

 Simple, but the truth.

 Here’s the deal, you can solve half the issues if you just listen & pay attention to your loved one. Look at what they shop for. Listen when they say something like, “I like knuckle rings” or “I’m not a fan of opal pendants” or “I would love to buy this necklace someday”. Take notes on that phone of yours!


No Need to Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Understand this, your loved one might not want you to get the moon for them (well, not physically...you know what we mean), but they do want your close attention. Remember the important things. Think of the anniversaries, the birthdays, the precious moments; that you thought ahead and found something to lift your loved one’s mood- even on a rough day perhaps. This action is what will make the most impact.

To summarize: Our time and our attention is the mot valuable asset. The jewelry piece you select should represent that invaluable bond you share together, and the time spent with one another.




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