What's the difference between diamonds and gems?


What’s The Difference Between Diamonds and Gems?

What’s The Difference Between Diamonds and Gems?

Diamonds and gemstones are perfect pieces of jewelry that look exemplify exquisiteness and luxury. People tend to think that diamonds are completely different from gemstones. They are not! Gemstones include diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline and many others. On the other hand a diamond is a different type of gemstone with its unique features and natural footprint. Diamonds are one of the hardest natural materials on planet earth.

Gemstones are divided into two different groups however;  semi-precious and precious. Precious stones are rare and are only found in small quantities. Their prices are generally higher than semi-precious stones which are found in larger quantities.


The main source of Diamonds are from Surat, in India. From there ninety-two percent of diamonds are sourced out and processed. Eight percent of the diamonds are mined in other countries like Australia and South Africa.

On the other hand, precious gemstones have no definite sources. Diamonds and gemstones usually take years before they are formed. They are not artificially manufactured and thus, no humans can manufacture them alone. When the original mines have been exploited, there is a need to search for another source.

Value and Characteristics

Diamonds are created in distinct sizes, colors and shapes. Even though the main type of diamonds is known to be colorless, diamonds of different color have been found in other countries. A diamond becomes rare when a specific color or clarity of diamond is hard to find.

The value of gemstones is assessed by the naked eye and specified according to the 4 C's; Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. This system of characterizing diamonds is applied worldwide to all gemstones. This is also approved by the gemological institute of America typically known as the GIA.

Determining Their Price

Carat, clarity, cut and color are the main characteristics of diamonds. The use of grading the diamonds this way creates internationally accepted values and makes worldwide trading possible. 

If the stone has an great color, a good cut or a high clarity, the price will rise accordingly.

The carat weight is also very significant in calculating the final price. 

Diamonds and precious stones are both used extensively in jewelry and worn mostly by woman.  Diamonds are the most valuable ones and have greater beauty. They are given at weddings, anniversaries and engagements. Even though gemstones are gorgeous in their own way, diamonds are of higher quality and value. Fancy color diamonds are considered even one level above because of their rarity. They capture the hearts of women and men on Earth.

It is important to learn about the differences between diamonds and gemstones, so that you will make an informed decision when you purchase them


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