CaratX Faces Off Against Rising Online Seller Costs & Launches B2B Payments

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CaratX Faces Off Against Rising Online Seller Costs & Launches B2B Payments


With the launch of CaratX in late 2020, CaratX continues its mission to lower the costs to get online for diamond, gem and jewelry sellers worldwide.

Online PR News – 01-December-2022 – San Francisco, CA – | Outside of CaratX, Online Sellers Feel the Sting of Rising Costs |

It is no secret that the pandemic changed businesses around the globe forever. Many sellers flocked to open e-commerce stores, as quickly as they could. For small businesses however, the rising costs of starting and becoming an e-tailer forced many to rethink their e-commerce strategy. As of November 2022, there are an estimated 9.2M online retailers worldwide. With 2.5M of those sellers being in the United States alone. There are countless other sellers in the United States and around the globe, doing business in hundreds of other countries; waiting for a cost-effective way to do business online.

Enter: CaratX. CaratX, Inc. was founded in 2020 in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's founders: Josh Burwick and Keith Hawkins, had to transition a diamond/jewelry business online themselves, quickly realizing the associated costs of doing so. Josh Burwick, Co-Founder & CEO of CaratX, shares his thoughts at the time:

"At the time, what astounded me was the realization that to effectively sell online, I really only had a few options for e-commerce; all of which had numerous fees! I couldn't believe all the fees! Monthly fees. Listing Fees. Marketing fees. Merchant fees and Inventory fees...the list just went on and on. Honestly, it fired me up. I knew these prices needed to come down and this needed to change. It's what drove Keith and I to create CaratX. We made it our mission to reduce the costs for sellers to get online."

Fast Forward to 2022, and CaratX is adding additional value to its sellers and consumers by reducing payments costs. CaratX's payment services launched a full B2B payments channel. Available to all on the CaratX network. CaratX marketplace sellers and shopping customers alike, have access to some of the most popular payment methods: Bank-to-Bank Transfer, ACH, Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, and some others. Josh Burwick, CaratX Co-Founder thinks the future will be bright: "We're going to add more. We'll add more payment channels, and more payment options. It'll cut seller costs even more. This will bring more value to CaratX customers in the short, and long-term. The future is bright."

However you choose to get started online, you're at least armed with more knowledge. There are alternative, reputable, and cost-effective options for selling your products online and navigating the e-commerce landscape.

--Charlotte Brooke
Freelance Contributor


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